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On The Bite 29 Jun 2016

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Corio Bay

Inside Corio Bay Garfish made their presence known to anglers fishing from the rocks at both St Helens and Limeburner’s boat ramps. Allowing small baits such as silver fish and pippie to suspended under a pencil float anglers bagged garfish in reasonable numbers. A key factor in achieving numbers of Garfish was to have the wind blowing from behind and if possible gently. Those heading out in boats encountered pinkie snapper to just over 1kg casting plastics around the Western Beach moorings and further north near Grammar School lagoon. At times the odd school of Australian Salmon appeared feeding in a frenzy on the surface.

Clifton Springs 

Further round to Clifton Springs and whiting have remained on the chew out from the Dell at Clifton Springs. There’s plenty of squid still holding in close which make for a handy bait supply and a great feed.

St Leonards 

St Leonard’s attracted plenty of anglers seeking whiting throughout last week but as has been the case recently you need to work a little harder to locate a decent bag of fish. Anglers that manage to pin down a reasonable school of whiting did find the average size was better than past weeks.

Queenscliff Harbour 

Queenscliff Harbour was a perfect location to hide from Antarctic like conditions last week. Anglers casting soft plastics along the main cut on a tide change banked silver trevally averaging 35cm. Silver Trevally are a great winter option as this time of year sees them enter Queenscliff Harbour in fantastic numbers.  The odd squid was also taken inside the harbour using small artificial jigs.

Surf Coast 

Down the Surf Coast keen anglers have spun up Australian Salmon to 2.5kg with Bancoora Beach a solid producer. Sea Iron Pelacus lure has worked well in conjunction with a long cast at the start of a run in tide. Rock platforms either side of Lorne allowed anglers to find large numbers of Salmon when the wild conditions permitted. Anglers fishing bait off the beaches towards Apollo Bay also took salmon.

Western District

The western district still remains the go to location for anglers seeking Southern Bluefin Tuna. Port Fairy trough to Portland in the 70 meter mark saw fish averaging 15kg willing to take skirted lures. The Estuary systems down the West are seeing the bream school in healthy numbers in the lower reaches of each system and keen to devour vibe style lures slowly worked along the bottom. Trent Schiller took a nice sized mulloway fishing throughout the night on a soft plastic during the week. 

Lake Bullen Merri 

On the freshwater front Lake Bullen Merri produced rainbow trout resembling footballs. Anglers noted that the aid of a down rigger to reach depths of 8-10 meters was beneficial with numbers of fish still holding down a bit. Shore based fisho’s fared well at night with Chinook Salmon to 2kg taking powerbait and blue bait fillets.

Wurdee Boluc

Hugh Hanson ventured down to the lake of 1000 casts Wurdee Boluc last weekend where casting a 4.5” Fish Arrow soft plastic Hugh landed a well-conditioned redfin of 46cm that gave an outstanding account for itself.

Barwon River

Barwon River here in Geelong held reasonable numbers of redfin averaging 30cm coming to anglers casting small deep diving hard body lures. 

Next Week

Next Week those looking to wet a line should turn their attention to the surf with bait or lure finding plenty of Australian Salmon. Lake Bullen Merri is a perfect spot for the freshwater anglers with those trolling Tassie style and hardbody lures in with a strong chance of a trout or chinook salmon.