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On The Bite 25 Feb 2015

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Last week greeted anglers with calm offshore conditions which allowed for a much needed kingfish fix.

Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads

Setting out offshore from Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads Saturday afternoon Fishing World Geelong staff member Reece Pitt sounded up excellent showings of kingfish. Dropping small knife jigs down through the schools of fish, Reece boated 4 kingfish to 65cm in length. As well as kingfish Reece encountered huge Australian Salmon to just over 3kg in weight. Fishing alongside Reece was Michael Moore & myself who achieved similar results. Michael and I did note that when casting into schools of surface feeding Australian salmon we found soft plastics retrieved at fast speeds more successful in attracting the larger fish.


Inside the Bay at Queenscliff whiting continue to be taken by anglers fishing the grass beds just outside the harbour. Pippies and tenderised squid have been the baits of choice taking fish to 43cm in length. The Boat Harbour at Queenscliff has some respectable sized silver trevally for those fishing soft plastics at the top of the high start of the run out tide change. The odd Australian salmon to 800grams has also made an appearance and are more than willing to take the plastics intended for trevally.

St Leonards

Fishing behind Mud Island last weekend was Jason Andrew. After setting a spread of baits Jason hooked and boated a feisty gummy shark tipping the scales at 20kg. The bait that was responsible for gummy shark turned out to be an old salmon fillet that had been sitting in Jason freezer for some months.

Clifton Springs

Moving around to Clifton Springs and anglers making a daybreak start have found great numbers of pinkie snapper holding over the spoil grounds, the ever reliable turtle back worm in pumpkin green has worked a treat. Mixed in with the pinkie snapper is the odd pike to almost 1 meter in length and some chunky flathead to 50cm. Once the sun has come up anglers have found moving over to the Alcoa Pier area productive, as the fish seem to favour the deeper water.

Corio Bay 

The entrance to Corio Bay around Bird Rock was a hot spot for whiting and flatheadwith pippies the bait of choice. Anglers fishing the channel leading into the Grammer School encountered good numbers of both flathead and pike and again casting soft plastic proved very effective.


Anglers seeking a whiting fix this past week found traveling up towards Avalon / Werribee area very rewarding with bag limit captures possible. The only downside was sifting through the numerous undersized fish.

Surf Coast

John Mole and Brian Long once again travelled down the Surf Coast where they were able to spin up numerous Australian Salmon to just over 2kg. The rocks either side of Lorne remained productive for the pair.


Portland & Port Fairy remained a tuna hot spot with fish being taken in 30 to 40 meters of water. A popular technique has been to drop small knife jigs over fish holding deep. Otherwise trolling skirted lures such as the UV Richter’s has resulted in Bluefin tuna to 25kg.

Wurdee Boluc

Wurdee Boluc expert Michael Evans put a few hours in casting Fish Arrow soft plastics from the main rock wall where he banked a well-conditioned redfin of 46cm. Michael has witnessed other anglers fishing Wurdee Boluc taking brown trout to 3kg andrainbow trout to 1kg by using baits such as mudeye and scrubworms.

Lake Purrumbete

Lake Purrumbete provided anglers with good fun producing rainbow trout to 1.5kg for anglers casting shallow diving hard body lures over the numerous weed beds. Fishing dawn or dusk will only help to increase your catch rate. During the middle of the day drifting mudeye down deep along the weed beds over at the east bank has also resulted in rainbow trout.

Western District

Down the western district the Merri River has fished well for brown trout to 1.5kg and just like Purrumbete mudeye has been the number one bait.

Next Week

Next week if the weather permits anglers should try jigging for the smaller modelkingfish out off Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads. For an easy land based option try casting soft plastics for Silver Trevally inside the Queenscliff Harbour fishing the last of the run in tide is almost always productive. Lake Purrumbete is worth a shot if you’re keen to head out of town casting lures over the shallow weed beds or fishing mudeye deep should see you find a trout or two.

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