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On The Bite 27 Apr 2016

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Fishing Report

Corio Bay

Corio Bay continued to provide anglers with shelter from strong winds & a wide variety of fish. During the past week anglers lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time encountered large schools of Australian Salmon erupting on the surface in a feeding frenzy casting soft plastics into the commotion was a great way to boat Salmon reaching 1.5kg in size. Other anglers fishing Corio Bay still enjoyed success by casting soft plastics in tight around structure for pinkie snapper and flathead.

Indented Heads

Making the most of excellent conditions last Monday Stephen Goodfellow ventured out from Point Richards and boated a 5.5kg snapper that took a liking to his bait.

St Leonards

St Leonards was the chosen destination for many anglers over the ANZAC long weekend, and with bag limit captures possible any time of the day, it’s a hard temptation to resist.
After navigating a busy boat ramp Jacob Smith and Tackleworld Geelong's Chris Pitman headed out from St Leonards late Saturday afternoon. Motoring over to 5 meters of water just a little south of the Yacht Club we set anchor and began targeting whiting. In a one hour session before the sun went down we managed 32 whiting to 42cm between us, pippie was the most desired bait when fished on a running sinker rig. Those seeking squid did not have to go far with the mouth of Swan Bay giving up models to 1kg. Size 3 jigs worked down deep got the job done. Garfish also made an appearance in angler’s bags and again the whiting grounds off St Leonards were ideal.

Barwon Estuary 

The Barwon Estuary did hold limited numbers of elephant fish, with those fishing the slack tide in the upper reaches of the system achieving the best results. Plenty of juvenile whiting, salmon, mullet and trevally keep anglers busy over the long weekend with prawn and pippie dynamite baits.

Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads 

Offshore from Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads Gummy Shark and Snapper held in reasonable numbers. Large baits such as fish fillet or squid did the trick on gummy shark to 14kg. Some thumping big Australian Salmon were also taken by those casting metal slugs into surface commotion. Mick boated the awesome gummy pictured bellow out from Torquay.

Surf Coast

Down the coast and those spinning from the many rock platforms banked fantastic numbers of salmon with the fish at time moving in tight to the rocks. Sea Iron lures worked well due to their robust finish.

Portland / Port Fairy 

Portland and Port Fairy saw plenty of attention from anglers over the long weekend with Southern Bluefin Tuna in excellent numbers from 40 meters of water to the shelf. Small skirted lures were ideal on the tuna in close along with Rapala X-rap lures. John Cranston took a well conditioned 18.6kg tuna in calm conditions out of Port Fairy last week.

Wurdee Boluc 

On the freshwater scene Wurdee Boluc once again dominated. John Stojanovski made the trek out to Wurdee Boluc Saturday were casting hard body lures he took a remarkable 48.5cm redfin casting from the rock wall. Tackleworld Geelong’s Peri Stravropoulos fished alongside Josh Whitford were Josh banked a fat Rainbow Trout of 40cm again casting lures from the rock wall. Bradley Cox worked the lake margins last Friday where he took 6 redfin to 35cm by slowly working plastics along the edges of weed beds.


Heading out of town Josh Smith was at it again this time up at Shepparton where casting purple spinnerbaits from his kayak Josh took numerous Cod to 62cm and yellow belly to 45cm.

Next Week 

Next week anglers keen on a whiting or two should look to St Leonards as exceptional numbers holding there at present. Freshwater anglers keep persisting with Wurdee Boluc for both Trout & Redfin.

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