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On The Bite 17 Aug 2016

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Surf Coast 

Heading down the Surf Coast the beaches once again paid off with well-conditioned Australian Salmon devouring metal lures. Bancoora & Jan Juc were the two standout locations on the rising tide for those pitching out Sea Iron Pelacus lures. Down the rocks Craig Varker fished Wild Dog Creek area for Australian Salmon to 1.2kg. Craig also gathered some scrub worms and fished Bahram River in Apollo Bay where he banked some nice bream to 33cm.


Over at Queenscliff and squid were not difficult to locate with anglers bagging good captures out from the grass beds and further round to the mouth of Swan Bay. Whiting still made an appearance amongst angler’s bags with the average size whiting nudging 40cm.

Clifton Springs 

Clifton Springs kept anglers entertained with squid with those anglers spending the time searching the deeper sections 4-5 meters bagging much larger models. Drifting for flathead paid off with numerous fish to 45cm on the chew for those fishing baits and soft plastics.

Corio Bay 

Tackleworld Geelong’s Adam Van Der Lugt made his way down to Geelong Waterfront Monday evening. Adam had his sights set on Snapper. Avoiding the temptation to hunt down Pokemon Adam cast his pilchard out into the depths. Not having to wait long Adam’s bait was snatched up by an impressive 82cm snapper that fishing land based gave him a serious challenge.

Port Fairy / Portland 

Tuna anglers still had plenty of options down the West with Port Fairy & Portland producing school tuna to 15kg for those casting lures into surface feeding fish. Anglers have found that sometimes the Tuna when feeding on the surface can be hard to tempt so allowing lures to sink for a few seconds before you begin your retrieve can make all the difference.

Lake Purrumbete / Bullen Merri 

Sticking down the West, Lake Purrumbete and Bullen Merri were generous for those putting in the time. Numerous Brown Trout to 3kg were trolled up along the east bank at Lake Purrumbete Spotted Dog Rapala lures worked a treat along with Daiwa Double Clutch 75 & 95. Fishing Bait during the middle of the day was the best tactic for those wanting to boat Chinook salmon with fish again to 3kg boated on lightly weighted pilchard fillet. Tackleworld Geelong's Kevin Hunter caught a well conditioned Chinook Salmon of 3.36kg  

Wurdee Boluc 

Wurdee Boluc was to go to location for redfin with anglers finding reasonable sized fish to 40cm from the main rockwall.

Next Week 

Next week with the weather starting to warm keep an eye out for a snapper or two around the Geelong Waterfront. Anglers seeking squid look to Clifton Springs and further round to Swan Bay. Lake Purrumbete is a hard option to go past with trophy brown trout for those prepaid to put in the hard yards.

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