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On The Bite 26 Aug 2015

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Fishing Report

Wurdee Boluc

Wurdee Boluc saw lots of attention from anglers all seeking a trophy trout or two. Frank Benvenuto was at it again last week casting hard body lures, Frank snared himself a well-conditioned brown trout measuring in at 43cm. Mick Zsargo was one of those anglers fishing mudeye under a float last Sunday from the main rockwall interrupting Mick’s peaceful Sunday afternoon a brown trout of 62cm and over 3kg engulfed his mudeye which gave him a run for his money up and down the rock wall.  Other anglers working lures along the rock wall encountered rainbow trout to 1.5kg and the odd redfin of 35cm. With the water levels in Wurdee Boluc on the rise the main rock wall is hard to go past especially of a morning or evening.

Barwon River

Anglers making the most of their kayaks and looking for an option close to home banked reasonable numbers of redfin from the Barwon River. Some of the redfin reached 38cm in length and almost 1kg in weight. Casting deep diving hard body lures around snags did the trick with those covering more water achieving better numbers of fish.

Lake Bullen Merri

Down the Western District Lake Bullen Merri was hard to go past with quality Chinook salmon to 2.5kgon offer. Fishing baits from the bank such as pilchard fillet or pink power bait worked well with those being more patient landing the quality salmon.

Twin Lakes

Heading way out of town Justin Rayner made the trip down to Tasmania and spent a few days fly fishing at the renowned Twin Lakes. Justin’s trip was certainly worthwhile landing brown trout to 15 and half pound and some trophy sized brook trout that are quite an accomplishment at Twin Lakes.

Port Phillip Bay

Saltwater anglers are starting to feel the onset on snapper fever, although at present the snapper seem to be few and far between around Port Phillip and Corio Bay it won’t be long until they arrive on mass. In the meantime Squid from Clifton Springs has been keeping anglers busy with those fishing further down towards Hermsly Rd boating impressive bags of squid.  Clear water is key to finding numbers of squid willing to hit a jig.

Barwon Estuary

The Barwon Estuary once again proved to be a hot spot with all the normal species on offer. Bait fishing produced mulloway to 65cm and whiting around the entrance of the river to 40cm.

Surf Coast

Moving down around the Surf Coast those casting lures from Fairhaven Beach or the rock platforms either side of Lorne beached Australian Salmon to 1.5kg with Sea Iron Pelacus lures getting the job done.


Back down the western district and Portland has seen one of the all-time greatest runs of largeSouthern Bluefin tuna (referred to as barrels) to 110kg in weight. For the last week now numerous tuna have been boated each day from as close in as the light house. Larger skirted lures and Rapala Xrap 30 accounted for most of the large tuna. When not able to boat a barrel anglers have been fortunate enough to at least score some smaller school sized tuna of around 15kg. Leigh Potter and Dylan Wolter were on the water nice and early last Saturday just out from Portland were the guys boated a Bluefin Tuna of 98.8kg. After many trips and numerous hours on the water the pair were ecstatic to finally land a barrel.

Apollo Bay

During the last few days Apollo Bay has also gave up Bluefin Tuna to over 80kg. From all reports the large tuna at Apollo Bay are not as prolific as Portland, but for those after a day trip Apollo Bay is much more accessible.

Next Week

Looking for an option next week should if able to venture down to Portland and seek out a tuna of a life time, although at present the large tuna are in good numbers they can disappear almost overnight.  Squid at Clifton Springs are worth the time with bag limit captures on offer. Chinook Salmon at Bullen Merri bait fishing from the bank will be one for the freshwater anglers or redfin around the Queenspark section of the Barwon River.


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