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On The Bite 10 Sep 2014

Squid Squid and more Squid

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With calm conditions over the weekend many anglers set their sights on chasing the large squid off Queenscliff. Fishing World Geelong staff member Michael Moore was out again, this time Michael was in the Queenscliff Bight casting his favorite jig a Gan Craft Kurosio Sunset in size 3. Michael totaled a bag of 8 squid to 1.5kg, he also made note that the more aggressively a jig was worked the more effective it was on the squid. Dani was also chasing squid of Queenscliff last weekend and found some great sized fish. Other anglers fishing Queenscliff found good sized King George Whiting to 45cm using pippie and tenderized squid on the grass beds to the left of the Harbour. Inside the Harbour Silver Trevally to 40cm were taken on soft plastic during the tide changes. Dylan Pace and Matt Alsop found both silver trevally and Australian Salmon using Z-Man soft plastics.

St Leonards

Saturday afternoon Daniel Baden and I set out from St Leonards in search of squid. Motoring over to the mouth of Swan Bay Daniel and I quickly caught a bag of squidusing the white Shimano jig 14T in size 2.5. While on the water I witnessed other anglers having success on whiting just out from the boat ramp, all though the size on the whiting is slightly less than that of Queenscliff they make up for it in numbers. Of recent some huge gummy shark to 21kg have been taken off St Leonard's those using freshly caught squid have had the best results.


Just down the road at Portarlington Australian Salmon have been spun up off the Pier using 25 gram metal slugs. Other anglers on the pier have encountered squid at night around the light.

Clifton Springs

During the past week we experienced some almost windless nights which allowed a few willing enough to brave the cold a chance to wade the shallows of Clifton Springs & Portarlington for flatheadflounder and any other desirable species.  From all reports the flathead are a little hard to come by but the flounder are plentiful. As the water warms over the coming months floundering will become much more productive.

Geelong Waterfront 

Anglers fishing the Geelong waterfront found pinkie snapper to 50cm on the ever reliable turtleback worms. The western beach moorings have held the best sized school of pinkies. Sounding around until you locate fish on the sounder is key, then plan a drift over the fish and make sure your plastic is bumping the bottom. Further around to Grammar School Lagoon and bream are being taken on vibe lures fished underneath the moored boats.

Surf Coast 

Once again conditions were excellent for fishing the Surf Coast. Australian Salmonwere taken spinning the beaches, with fish to 2kg beached. Other anglers chasingbream in the small estuary systems had good success with fish the 40cm being taken on hard-body lures and bass yabbies.

Bullen Merri 

Those trolling deep at Bullen Merri over the last week have found excellent sizedChinook Salmon to 2.2kg. From all reports trolling deep at 15-20m has been more effective than fishing bait. Once again larger lures such as the Rapala F-9’s have proved successful.


Just next door at Lake Purrumbete the Chinook Salmon are a little smaller averaging 1kg but are available to those fishing deep with pilchard fillet among a liberal berley trail. Brown Trout are still being caught by those trolling early morning or fishing mud eye suspended under a float. 

Moorabool Reservoir 

Moorabool Reservoir had some trophy sized Redfin on offer at present. All though you have to work hard to find the larger fish it is well worth it, with Redfin to 45cm a real possibility. Fish Arrow soft plastics used on a heavy jig head to assist in covering distance has been the most productive method.


Last Friday afternoon Don Munro headed up to Lake Bostock to try his luck on theChinook Salmon. Don started casting brightly coloured Tassie Devils which resulted in one Chinook of 1.5 pound and another of 1.25 pound. All though the water level is down of present the lake continues to fish well.

Out of town - Merri/Hopkins river

Further out of town the Merri River and Hopkins has fished extremely well for trout in their upper reaches. With Brown trout to over 2 kg on offer the drive down is well worth the effort. 


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