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On The Bite 19 Nov 2014

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Fishing Report 

Clifton Springs

Clifton Springs has been a consistent location over the past few months and shows no sign of changing anytime soon. Following his recent success Ben McLean was back at the Turn out off Clifton Springs, this time Ben was doing something different and decided on trolling some lures down deep with the aid of downriggers. Only five minutes after deploying his lures Ben had his first snapper connected and a nice specimen too weighing in at 5kg. Not long after getting the lures back in the water Ben had his next snapper in the boat and again another healthy fish of 5kg.  Fishing World staff member Kevin Hunter was fishing similar location Saturday night. Kevin managed to find some chunky pinkie Snapper of around 1kg fishing pilchard as bait.  Kevin noted that he also took good numbers of silver whiting which make fantastic snapper bait. Last Thursday night I took advantage of the calm weather and found great numbers of Australian Salmon out of Alcoa Pier. Casting fish Arrow soft plastics I tookSalmon to 1.5kg.  While on the water I noticed other anglers fishing the channel edges taking snapper to 4kg on sunset.  Clifton Springs has also been productive for squid and of recent they have been of a respectable size. Jigs 2.5 in size have accounted for most fish with the White Shimano jig being the most popular.

Corio Bay 

Inside Corio Bay pinkie snapper are responding well to soft plastics fished around the waterfront. Those fishing further around to north shore rocks have found some larger pinkies with some of the fish nudging the 50cm mark.  Over at the Grammar School Lagoon flathead are in good numbers again for those casting soft plastics such as Gulp Turtle Back Worm in Pumpkin Green.  Bream are also at time being taken for those targeting them with lures.

St Leonards

St Leonards Pier has remained popular for those looking for a land based snapperoption.  Sunrise and sunset are the most productive times to fish, with those using fresh squid and pilchards as bait achieving the best results. The pier has a good population of squid so fresh bait should not be too difficult to come by.
Swan Bay has seen anglers finding good bags of both squid and salmon. Drifting out the front of Swan Bay has accounted for the squid and trolling lures such as Daiwa Double Clutch or Yamashita Occy skirts has taken Salmon. Anglers fishing though out the night have encountered snapper to 3kg fishing baits such as pilchard and squid.


Over at Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale anglers seeking big squid found success last week fishing the Point Lonsdale Bight. Once again bigger jigs got the job done on the larger model squid.  Fishing World Geelong staff member Michael Moore found his bag of squid fishing the Lonsdale Bight casting Gan Craft jigs. Whiting have been patchy over the past couple of months but those that have been finding whiting have mentioned the average size of the fish is almost 40cm.

Barwon Heads

Out of Barwon Heads in 40 meters of water snapper of 3-4kg have been responding well to bait such as pilchard and silver whiting. Salmon have also been reported to have busted up in large schools at the 40 meter mark. Some of these salmon have been 2.5kg and were taking lures cast into the frenzied school of fish.

Wurdee Boluc

On the freshwater front the fishing has improved with anglers catching Trout, Redfin, Carp and Yellowbelly.

Lake Wurdee Boluc gave up some outstanding brown trout this past week. Tim Beusmans was one of the lucky anglers to bank a brown trout over the past week. Tim was drifting mudeye under a float last Wednesday evening which resulted in a brown trout of over 2kg.

Barwon River

The Barwon River fished well for Redfin to 800grams for those casting hardbody lures.  Queenspark is still the standout location. Those fishing super sweet corn kernels as bait have taken carp ranging in size from 1 to 4 kg.
Out of town Lake Eildon is fishing very well for yellowbelly. Trolling or casting lures is the standout tactic with some Yellowbelly of 3kg being reported.

Next Week

Options for next week. Consider St Leonards Pier for squid, casting size 3 jigs of an evening should see you find a squid or two. Otherwise just round the corner at Queenscliff Harbour Silver Trevally are worth a shot for those fishing softplastics. For all you anglers needing a snapper fix then it is hard to go past the turn at Clifton Springs.

If you have success in your fishing adventures this week then send in your report
to along with a short description and if photo if possible. All photo’s go into the draw for our monthly photo competition.



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