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On The Bite 22 Apr 2015

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With the colder weather now here the freshwater really fired and tuna down the western district went from strength to strength.

Swan Bay

Elijah Walsh & his brother Joseph were at it again last week fishing the Swan Bay channel. Waiting until night fall Elijah baited up with fresh Australian Salmon fillet, not long after Elijah boated a respectable sized gummy shark of 6kg that fought extremely hard in shallow water.  The entrance to Swan Bay has been a chosen haunt for many anglers last week as large numbers of King George Whiting have been holding there. Once again tenderized squid has been responsible for taking the larger whiting with the start of the run out tide most productive.

Corio Bay

Inside Corio Bay anglers have encountered pinkie snapper to 50cm holding around structure such as the moored boats over at Western Beach. Soft plastics proved effective with gulp 3inch and 4inch minnows are the lure of choice.  Right through winter soft plastic fishing around the waterfront is an excellent option with some trophy snapper normally being taken on the coldest roughest days.

Barwon Estuary

The Barwon Estuary produced Mulloway to 80cm for those making the trip up to the Sheepwash section. Fishing the run in tide was key and baits such as live mullet or squid hard to go past.

Port Fairy

Paul Blackborrow took a trip down to Port Fairy last Tuesday in search ofSouthern Bluefin Tuna. After setting out a spread of lures Paul’s Rapala Xrap was quickly devoured by a tuna of 15kg. Paul continued fishing for the rest of the day boating another tuna of almost the same size as the first.  Port Fairy has been a popular tuna location so far this season with the tuna in relatively close to shore.  The most popular method for chasing tuna has been trolling hard body or skirted lures but a lot of anglers are now turning to tactics such as casting stick baits at surface feeding fish or micro jigging to tuna holding down deep.  Anglers have noted being able to change tactics has really saved the day in some cases.

Merri River

Oliver Andrews spent some time last Sunday chasing bream in the mouth of the Merri River. Casting Z-Man 2.5” grubs & atomic hard lures Oliver banked numerous bream with the best two being 33cm and 39cm in length. 

The drop in temperature has been noticed, and has signaled for some a call to start fishing the freshwater.

Wurdee Boluc

Wurdee Boluc saw a lot attention last week with anglers searching for record sized redfin. Darryl Luttrell spent a few hours walking the edges of the lake casting lures. For his efforts Darryl was rewarded with a redfin of 40cm. Most anglers have noticed that that sunset has seen greater number of fish move in around the lake margins.

Lake Bullen Merri

Over at Lake Bullen Merri last Wednesday William Patrick was trying for a trout or two.  William was fishing gentleman’s hours 11am to 2pm. Setting up from the bank next to the boat ramp he was able to take two Chinook Salmon and a football shaped rainbow trout over just over 1kg using powerbait on a running sinker rig.

Lake Wendouree

Making the trip up to lake Wendouree Saturday afternoon Reece Pitt and I found good numbers of brown trout to 1kg willing to take hard body lures such asLaydown Minnows and Smith Panish. Casting to the edges of the rowing lanes did the trick with the last hour of sun light seeing the most action.

Lake Toolondo

Eric Box travelled up to Lake Toolondo last week. After attaining access to one of Trevor Holmes of Victorian Inland charters boats Eric fished mudeyes in around the submerged trees. Eric took a total of three brown trout for his trip weighing 2kg each on average. With the weather cooling Eric is looking forward to the increased action on the lake.

Oven River

Heading up the north east Joel Shipard was walking and fishing the Ovens River around Freeburgh. Joel was able to find plenty of small stream trout willing to take both lure and fly. What made the trip worthwhile for Joel was when he took his first trout on fly.

Next Week

Next Week, anglers should try for whiting in around the grass beds offQueenscliff. If the weather allows the western district will be holding fantastic numbers of tuna and for the freshwater anglers Lake Bullen Merri for Chinook Salmon and trout.

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