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On The Bite 3 Feb 2016

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Fishing Report

Corio Bay 

Corio Bay proved to hold a large variety of species with anglers encountering, snapperthrough to pike. Those drifting over the spoil grounds casting soft plastics took the best mixed bags with flathead to 50cm and snapper to almost 3kg appearing in anglers bags. Closer to the rocks at North Shore pike were taken by trolling or casting hard body lures. Land based anglers achieved good results targeting pinkie snapper 45cm from the rocks at St Helens, here blue bait produced the goods.  Trent Schiller pictured bellow with a snapper from Corio Bay.

Clifton Springs 

Clifton Springs made for some respectable whiting fishing last week. Straight out from the old Dell in 6 to 8 meters of water was gave anglers the opportunity to boat whiting to 35cm. Squid still remained an option on the close in grass beds when the water clarity was good.


Luke and his partner Samantha did well in boating a well conditioned flathead of 64cm and 2.5kg last weekend off Portarlington. 

St Leonards 

Around the corner at St Leonards snapper have started to make a greater appearance. Those fishing the deeper water around 20 meters have boated fish to 5kg. The odd gummy shark has been a welcome by catch. Fresh squid as bait is key and with a steady supply available in close around the mouth of Swan Bay you don’t have to work too hard. Garfish are also holding in better numbers over the larger grass beds a strong berley trail is key in taking numbers of garfish.


On the kingfish front Queenscliff was a little slower than previous weeks. Large schools ofAustralian salmon were however still breaking the surface in a feeding frenzy and devouring any soft plastic or smaller metal lures cast into the commotion.

Ocean Grove 

Offshore from Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads smaller kingfish to 65cm were boated by those jigging or trolling ockie skirts baited with a squid strip. Anglers keen on drifting baits across the bottom had no trouble in finding tiger flathead in 40 meters of water.


Casting lures from the rock platforms either side of Lorne has seen anglers take Australian salmon to 2kg along with the odd kingfish that certainly takes anglers by surprise. At times long cast were not essential with salmon holding in tight to the rocks.


The best action is still down Victoria’s Western district with Portland producing some fantastic results. Kingfish are still patrolling in around the harbour those fishing squid when possible alive, have boated fish to 10kg. Trolling small skirted lures has also been responsible forkingfish and bluefin tuna to 15kg. Stan Daglas was one of those anglers successful in boating a kingfish of 8.85kg from Portland North Shore. Anglers pushing further down outside the front of the Fitzroy River have taken better numbers of both species.  Dave Russell also boated an impressive blue shark of 40kg fishing 6kg line.

Gary Cook also boated some chunky tuna last Saturday out from Portland. 

Out Of Town

Jarred recently took a well conditioned golden trevally from up at Gladstone OLD. 

Wurdee Boluc

Wurdee Boluc is well known as the lake of a 1000 cast’s, having well and truly but in the hard yards Justin Rayner took a well-conditioned brown trout of  7 ½ pounds on fly last week. Other anglers fishing the lake using mudeye took rainbow trout to 600 grams while lure casters banked the odd large redfin to 40cm.

West Barwon Reservoir 

Mark fished West Barwon last weekend where casting soft plastics he took some excellent conditioned rainbow trout

Lake Eildon

Up at Lake Eildon, Cod are still dominating reports with the main rockwall a great spot for numbers of fish.

Next Week 

Those looking to venture out next week should still have their sights set on 
kingfish down the Western District. Closer to home snapper anglers should look to St Leonards. The Barwon River / Estuary has well and truly had a much needed flush out last week which should make for some exciting fishing in the coming weeks. If you have time to spare Wurdee Boluc is worth a look for redfin and trout.


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