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On The Bite 26 Nov 2014

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Clifton Springs

As the weather continues to warm up so does the fishing. Snapper are still the main target of most anglers and with good cause too. The Turn straight out from Clifton Springs boat ramp is a hard spot to pass as continually snapper to 4kg were boated from the Turn during the week baits such as silver whiting and squid. Trolling forsnapper is an excellent option at present. Lures such as Sebile Koolie minnow or Rapala Tail dancers will get you down 8 to 10 meters, anglers finding the most success trolling for snapper have noted that locating bait balls on the sounder is key during the week snapper to 6kg were taken from the Curlewis Bank by those trolling lures. Squidare still present in healthy numbers on the shallow weed beds at Clifton Springs, smaller jigs have taken numbers of squid. Pike and Salmon are calling the spoil grounds home at present those trolling lures such that dive about 2 meters in depth have found pike to over 1 meter in length and Australian Salmon nudging the 2kg mark.

Corio Bay

Corio Bay has seen some respectable size snapper to 4kg from North Shore both soft plastics and bait have accounted for fish. Over at the Stingray Bay spoil groundsflathead and pinkie snapper are readily available. Again casting soft plastics such as Gulp Turtleback Worm in pumpkin green has been the undoing for most fish. Grammar School Lagoon anglers have encountered both bream and flathead. Again lures have been more productive than bait at this location.

St Leonards 

St Leonards Pier remains the go location for land based anglers. Squid and Snapperhave both been taken. Anglers keen enough to fish into the evening or getting out before daybreak have experienced the better results.


Heading down to Queenscliff and Silver Trevally are still to be taken from the cut. Again soft plastics are responsible for most fish but baits such as pilchard fillet have also taken fish. The odd snapper is still haunting the cut and make for excellent fun on the light gear.

Barwon Heads

Offshore from Barwon Heads / Ocean Grove Snapper to 3kg were caught from the 30-40 meter mark by those fishing baits. As the weather continues to warm Kingfish should really come on the chew. During the past week a handful of smaller Kingfish to 70cm were boated as a by catch for those chasing snapper.


The Werribee River is a known big bream location. Roy Cusani took his daughter Gabriella down to the Werribee River to try their luck. As it turned out the Bream were willing to play the game with Gabriella taking a bream of 41cm using tube worm as bait.

Wurdee Boluc 

On the freshwater front Wurdee Boluc is still the standout location. Michael Evans knows Wurdee Boluc inside and out. This past week Michael has banked some outstanding Redfin with the biggest measuring 46cm Michael was again using Fish Arrow soft plastics. Anglers have found casting soft plastics rigged on a heavy jig heads cast in and around weed beds is by far the most productive tactic.

Lake Wendouree 

Lake Wendouree at Ballarat has both good sized trout and redfin. Slowly trolling shallow diving minnows such as Cranka Minnows has boated both species. Other anglers found Brown Trout to 2kg by fishing mudeye suspended under a float from the bank and casting mudeye imitation fly’s right on sunset.

Barwon River 

The Barwon River continues to produce redfin to around 800 grams. There are some larger models on offer with those fishing lures that get down just the bit deeper having most success. The redfin are quite well spread in the Barwon of present with anglers fishing from kayaks find fish from down past Landy Field right up to Queens Park.

Lake Toolondo 

Out of town and Trevor Holmes from Victorian Inland Charters has found Lake Toolondo productive for brown trout, casting what Trevor believes to be the standout Tassie Devil for trout a holographic in 13.5 gram Trevor took a health brown trout of 2kg. As well as casting lures Trevor has found the trout willing to take mudeye suspended under a float.

Next Week

Options for next week. The Silver Trevally at Queenscliff Harbour are a good choice otherwise try the spoil grounds off Clifton Springs for snapper and salmon using soft plastics. If you’re looking for a freshwater option then Wurdee Boluc is hard to go past, just be prepared to but in a few cast, but with the chance of Redfin over 50cm its well worth the time.

If you have success in your fishing adventures this week then send in your report
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