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On The Bite 25 Mar 2015

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St Leonards

Greeted with calm conditions Sunday morning Phil Walters & Ray Beeden made daybreak start heading out from St Leonards. The guys set anchor in 23 meters of water and promptly set out a few baits.  Not having to wait long the pair found the flathead ravenous devouring most of there baits the only drawback was the flathead were lucky to make size. Next a school of Australian Salmon moved in which made for better sport and a great supply of fresh bait. After turning the salmon into bait the action really intensified with the pair landing a small seven gill shark and a gummy shark of 6.1kg that took a liking to a whole salmon head as bait. Ray mentioned his rod screamed off at one point and was bitten off using 60lb leader, he believes the culprit to be a much larger seven gill. Calling it a day around lunch time the pair had enough flake for some time. Other anglers putting in time at St Leonards this week found squid in good numbers both from the pier and the boat, size 3 jigs produced the best results with the Shimano sephia 14T getting the job done. Whiting also featured in anglers bags from St Leonards with the entrance to Swan Bay responsible for the larger whiting to 43cm.


Queenscliff Harbour is holding great numbers of Silver Trevally for those casting soft plastics on the tide changes. As we move into the cooler months the number and size of trevally should increase. The most effective soft plastics to use are Z-Man grub 2.5” or Gulp Turtleback Worm in pumpkingreen. A jig head heavy enough to keep your plastic close to the bottom is essential the ideal weight is between 1/8 – 1/4 oz depending on tidal flow.  Outside the harbour some larger model squid have been taken from the bight, again drifting in the deeper water is key. Kingfish reports slowed a little this week which could be related to the drop in the water temperature. The Kingfish should still hang around until at least Easter so don’t pack your gear away just yet and the end of the kingfish season normally sees a few beasts boated.

Barwon Heads

Offshore from Barwon Heads Sunday morning I found some of the best offshore conditions in a long time not having any success in finding kingfish, I was able to locate a small school of Australian salmon after being tipped off by a few other anglers. Larger soft plastics did the trick with one salmon almost making the 3kg mark.

Barwon Estuary 

Inside the Barwon Estuary elephant fish remain a solid option with some impressive size Elephant fish to 5kg being taken. Best baits have been squid strips and pilchards with anglers fishing the section of river above the end of Sheepwash Rd most productive. Bream are also being found on the same grounds as the elephant fish and cannot resist a live bass yabbie.


Heading out of town and down towards the western district Warrnambool is the place to be with school sized Bluefin Tuna being boated around the offshore boat ramp and just further out.  Casting small metal lures or trolling smaller skirted lures has fooled these fussy fish over the past week. With the tuna in so close it really makes this world class fisheries more accessible to all.


Fishing World Geelong staff member Michael Moore spent a week fishing the Glenelg River on the Victorian / South Australian Border. Michael had no trouble in finding great numbers of bream, estuary perch and mulloway. Of a night Michael had a light hanging from the deck of the boat house he was renting that attracted huge schools of white bait which made for a handy bait supply. While lure fishing during the day Michael discovered white bait imitation lures to be most successful.   

Wurdi Boluc 
On the freshwater front Michael Evan has been having good success at Lake Wurdi Boluc. Michael has been using the reliable Fish Arrow soft plastics and banked a healthy brown trout of 45cm. Other anglers have found redfin to 45cm by casting out beyond the weed banks and covering water until a school of fish is located.

Lake Purrumbete

Further down the road at Lake Purrumbete brown trout to 2kg have been boated by downrigging with cow bells and hard body lures. The best depth has been 15 meters along the east bank at first light. Once again as we move into the cooler months we should really see the freshwater fishing fire up.

Next Week

Next week anglers should give the kingfish another go either in the Rip or offshore from Barwon Heads, just keep your eyes peeled for schools of surface feeding fish. Whiting out from Swan Bay should be holding in good numbers with the start of the run out tide normally the best time. The Barwon Estuary is hard to go past at present with plenty of bream and elephant fish making it home. If you've got the time heading down to Warrnambool or Port Fairy is a great option for those looking to boat a tuna or two.