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On The Bite 27 Aug 2014

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This time of year traditionally see’s large squid move into the Queenscliff Bight and surrounding area’s and this year in no exception. Over the past week anglers have taken squid in the Queenscliff Bight. Those getting a slow drift and casting size 3 or 3.5 jigs such as Yamashita Live found Southern Calamari to 2kg. Whiting were also on offer around Queenscliff last week with fish to 40cm being on the run out tide with a preference for tenderized squid.
Heading inside the harbor at Queenscliff and silver trevally are being taken. Those casting the ever reliable Gulp pumpkin-seed turtle-back worm have found great results especially when you combine that with the change of tide. With trevally to 45cm on offer this is one option not to over look.

Ocean Grove

Sunday afternoon I walked the beach off Collindenia casting 25 gram lures. Here I found Australian Salmon to 1kg willing to bite. Again the change of tide was the most productive bite time.
Barwon Estuary

The Barwon Estuary continued to fish well for those fishing bait. Some outstanding bream to 44cm were taken by those fishing live bass yabbies. They dirty water over the weekend made fishing with soft plastics and hardbody lures difficult with anglers moving down to the mouth of the river at run in tide finding the best results.
Clifton Springs

Clifton Springs saw many anglers fishing for squid this past weekend. With the strong north winds we experienced the water became slightly dirty which made the squid fishing challenging with anglers reporting only small captures of squid.
Over at the quarries the north winds were more favorable which saw numbers of boats out in search of some early season snapper. As of present no reports came in, but this is one spot to keep an eye over the coming month.
Surf Coast 

Alex and Dave Haygarth traveled down to the surf cast estuaries in search of a bream or two. Casting hardbody lures and soft plastics the guys landed a healthy bream of 34cm that gave an excellent fight in shallow water. 

Following the tough conditions in the salt over the past week the freshwater also proved to be challenging.

Lake Purrumbete

Fishing World Geelong Staff member Michael Moore ventured down to Lake Purrumbete at day break Saturday morning. Michael was greeted with near perfect condition slowly trolling Michael found Brown trout and Chinook salmon to 900grams willing to take his OSP dunk. Of note Michael said while landing a small Chinook salmon an extremely large brown trout charge in and took a rather impressive bite out of the salmon.

Barwon River
Locally the Barwon River around Queens Park has seen some beastly carp taken. Fishing corn  and scrub worms among a berley of bread and corn has been a productive tactic. Don’t underrate carp as they pull like the proverbial freight train and are great fun on light gear.  


Marshell Pardee traveled up to Lake Bostock last Sunday, after experiencing some success on fly the previous week Marshell though he’d mix it up and try some Powerbait. Not a bad move as it turned out Marshell landed 5 chunky Chinook Salmon to 1kg.

Moorabool Reservoir
Anglers making the trip up to Moorabool Reservoir and prepared to put in numerous casts were rewarded with redfin to 45cm and brown trout tipping the scales at 1.5kg. The most productive lures proved to be the strike pro Bob ‘N’ Spoon. 

Bullen Merri

Bullen Merri saw Chinook salmon taken on pilchard fillet allowed to drift slowly to the bottom. Using this technique Noel Porter and Stan Daglas boated Chinook salmon to 1.8kg.


Lake Toolondo defied the trend this week and continued to produce trophy trout. The Williamson Sportfishing & Game Club headed to Lake Toolondo for that reason to catch a trophy trout.  The guys started fishing mudeye under a float were the two sections of the lake meet young Todd Gusman landed an excellent rainbow of 2.3kg. In the top part of the lake Darren Wloch landed a solid brown trout of almost 2kg. Darren made note that the top part of Lake Toolondo was fishing the best with mudeye under a float. The guys also landed fish on tassie devils with the classic pink #55 getting the job done.

Options for next week
Hopefully this week we get some settled weather and anglers can have a good look for some early season snapper or chase a squid or two down at Queenscliff otherwise spinning for Salmon down the coast should be productive. On the freshwater front Bullen Merri should still produce Chinook Salmon and Purrumbete is worth a look for a trophy brown trout.

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